WALCE’s cookbook

Cooking together means sharing knowledge, tastes, pleasures and emotions. We can learn a lot in front of the stove, but we can learn even about our health and well-being.

For this reason WALCE Association has organized cooking classes with Giovanni Allegro, a well known Italian chef specializing in natural cuisine and from the menus realized during these lessons we decided to create a cookbook with his useful cooperation.

Lessons and recipes initially created for those people who daily face with cancer, were proved to be useful and ideal healthy guidelines for anyone who believes that food and cooking have a crucial role in well-being and caring of people, without sacrificing taste and passion for the realization of good food.

Buying this book means supporting WALCE and its projects:

Having tasty and easy recipes, prepared by Giovanni Allegro could help everybody in obtaining a menu far from the main mistakes of the modern way of cooking.

Every single volume can be yours with a small contribution from 10 EUR .

To contact us, write to  ufficiostampa@womenagainstlungcancer.eu

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