WALCE (Women Against Lung Cancer in Europe) is a non profit organization

initiated in 2006 by Dr Silvia Novello, current President of WALCE and a Spanish colleague, Dr Enriqueta Felip, both members of the Scientific Committee of “National Lung Cancer Partnership”, with the primary aim to make women aware about the significant increase of lung cancer in female gender and to provide and disseminate information about the disease in terms of prevention, diagnosis and treatment focusing the attention on the leading role of women as caregivers.

WALCE is involved in advocacy, education and support initiatives

for people affected from lung cancer and for their families.

The Scientific Committee of WALCE is involved in research projects concerning the better definition of gender differences in lung cancer and in primary prevention projects, trough educational materials designed and produced specifically by the Association. WALCE works both at national and international level against the fight of lung cancer, attempting to make the Public Opinion, the Government and Media aware on all issues related to lung cancer, also using a good net of contacts and the cooperation with other associations well established in this field.

WALCE Onlus is Member of ECPC and GLCC

Walce Onlus cooperates with ActiveCitizenship

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